smooth texture
Smooth texture design with MacoAvell Vellplas and Vellwax
Texture wall paint designs are a great way to bring some smartness and elegance to your modern smooth texture bedroom wall. When it comes to creating textures, there is no fixed book ...
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texture paint design
Texture Paint design with MacoAvell Special Effect
With the increasing popularity and acceptance of modern texture paint design, it is not a difficult task to find a texture or pattern to suit your wishes and requirements, especially with MacoAvell ...
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interior designer
Interior Designer can make impressive wall design
Plastering the walls is an essential part of wall designing by interior designer. Nevertheless, if you want to do the job by yourself and feel that you are quite handy ...
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Vellplas and Vellwax on modern rough texture design
Vellplas matte marmorino venetian plaster able to make the best of available space making it look nice and pleasant, the most effective way is to decorate the place in the ...
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walls design
Add walls design to your room or any other part of the house
If you want a bit of drama and flair for the walls design of your room or any other part of the house, textured wall paints are one of the ...
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modern texture
Modern texture wall design with MacoAvell
Rough modern texture wall design can give your wall a very cool and raw feeling. These kinds of textures have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years ...
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rough design
Modern Rough Paint Designs By Using Vellplas and Vellwax
When it comes to wall texture modern rough paint designs, things can vary a lot. The textures can be everything from understated and creative effects to unassuming and elaborate, to ...
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home decor
Home Decor with Vellplas and Vellwax
While you can find a variety of paints in different shines and colors to give a distinctive and eye-catching look to any room in your home decor or office, adding ...
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vellwax cera wax
Vellwax Cera Wax can change your wall into unique wall
When you are working on plastering your wall by using vellwax cera wax or hiring a professional to do the job for you, it is important that whoever is doing ...
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DIY your home wall design by using vellplas and vellwax
DIY your home wall by using MacoAvell Vellplas and Cera Wax
When you are working on providing an effective makeover to DIY your home, walls are the best place to start, and that is where you need to get the things right the ...
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rought texture vellplas matte marmorino
Rough Texture Special Effect By using Vellplas Matte Marmorino
Plastering your walls is one of the main steps towards making over the walls in your home. While smooth wall are a definite hit, walls with rough texture are certainly ...
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metallic cera wax gold with vellplas cream
Metallic Cera Wax Gold with Cream Vellplas Matte Marmorino
Metallic Cera Wax can turn your wall into your favorite home ground is an opportunity that nobody wants to miss. When you have the choice of selecting your own tools and doing what ...
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Marmorino Vellplas-two tones
MacoAvell Vellplas Matt Marmorino Shabby Two Tones Effect – Cadet Blue + Ivory
Adding textures to the walls is a very wonderful, modern, and arresting technique that is becoming more and more popular with both interior decorators and home or office owners. The wall ...
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vellplas matte marmorino rough texture finish
Vellplas Matte Marmorino Rough Texture finish – Royale Yellow + Mint
The wall textures of Vellplas matte marmorino venetian plaster are designed in a variety of ways and it can be difficult to make a choice if you do not know ...
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vellplas matte marmorino gold wall design
Wall design with Lemon Gold Metallic Cera Wax
If you are planning to paint your room walls for elegant wall design, you might want to take a better look at the whole task. While there is a wide ...
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